Upcoming Workshops & Events

Westminster Music Library presents


Thursday 8 October, 2015

3:00-4:00 pm


As the Music Library plays host to London Transport Museum’s Community Exhibition A Driving Force: 100 years of Women in Transport, why not come along and join in some of the favourite songs from the Great War.

2015 marks 100 years since women were first recruited into the transport industry during the First World War. To commemorate this, London Transport Museum’s Battle Bus Project worked with over 40 female transport staff to create a community exhibition showcasing some of today’s women in transport.

The exhibition, ‘A Driving Force’, gives these women an opportunity to share their stories. It also explores the experiences of ‘Clippies’ 100 years ago and honours the impact women have made in keeping London moving in the years that followed.

London Transport Museum’s Battle Bus Project is possible thanks to the generous support of the Heritage Lottery Fund and London Transport Museum Friends.

Refreshments are included.
This event is free but you are advised to book your place.
Please note that this event will take place on the first floor to which access is only available by stairs.
To reserve a place, email musiclibrary@westminster.gov.uk or telephone 020 7641 6200 and ask to be put through to Westminster Music Library.

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 We will be running Behind the Lines themed workshops for adults, communities, schools, families and students throughout the centenary, around the country. Keep a lookout for events near you, and get in touch        (e: education@rpo.co.uk, t: 0207 608 8800) if you’d like to get involved!

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